For everyone who don’t know: My name is Sandra and I live and love to travel.

Why would someone want to live in a van alone? 
Well, as I said – I live to travel and I would rather do it from a van so I’d never feel trapped and I could go anywhere. Also, even though I love to travel, I actually do like to spend a whole day at home doing nothing and being alone sometimes. This way, I could have it all! 
And just imagine, waking up and opening the sliding door, and having whatever you want outside..
The alone part? I think I will be scared to sleep alone in the beginning, but I would never let fear be a reason to not do something.
I’ve never really been afraid to try something new, I just figure that if I don’t like something I could always just go back. So far I’ve never gone back though, I’ve always just tried something new again.
And here we are!