Who am I?

Hello everyone.

I noticed there’s a couple of new ones of you so I thought I’d say hello and tell you a bit about who I am.

My name is Sandra, I’m from a middle sized town in Sweden called Västerås. The last 11 years I’ve been living all over though – California, Falkenberg, Jönköping and Stockholm.
I have been living a completely “normal” life working as a store manager and project manager for the most parts of my adult life – I’m 32 by the way.

Eight months ago I moved into my van that I converted myself, it took me 30 days to build it – don’t ask me how 😂 – and since then I’ve lived all over Europe too: Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, England, Wales, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria.

Sometimes I get restless and I’m wondering what the point of life is, when that happens I get a sudden and strong feeling of sadness and anxiety. It’s always when life makes me feel like I’m a hamster in a wheel and everyday looks the same.
My solution to that is always to think about what I’m doing and what I want to be doing – then I do my best to try to make it happen, I think that’s why I’ve moved around so much always searching for that feeling of being content that “everyone else” seem to have.

What I’ve learned so far is to never settle but to always explore possibilities, be open and to value my time – it’s the most precious thing I’ve got.

That’s my story.
What’s yours? I’d love to know more about you guys.💛

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