What’s up with my feelings right now?

I don’t know what’s happening right now. Most of the time during the days I feel just fine and like my regular self.
But other times I feel restless and sometimes sad. I don’t have any reason to be sad so I don’t know why.

It might be that I need some alone time soon, I have pretty much had company every day since before Christmas. And I do know that I had company back home in Sweden too, but I think it’s more intense when you’re living like this – for me.

It might be that I need to go out and do more stuff. It might get better if I go on the hikes I’ve been talking about, or going to buy the surfboard I’ve been dreaming about.
But when I feel like this, it’s hard to find the energy/motivation to actually go and do the stuff I want to do. So it kinda becomes a bad spiral.

I don’t know. Time will tell.
How do you find the energy/motivation to do stuff when you’re feeling low?

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