Scandinavian styled Tiny House

A Swedish Tiny House of 33sqm - 30minutes from Stockholm CC Sweden

I bought this tiny house back in 2015 – a year after I moved to Stockholm. It was a new development and I bought it just seeing the layout on photos, I got to make some small choices with the interior design like a brighter wooden floor, built in speakers in the kitchen from Sonos and a brighter choice of tiles in the bathroom.

The house ground level is 20sqm, and it has a 13sqm loft. The ceiling height is almost 6m in the living area and it has plenty of storage upstairs. The house has an entire side just made out of windows and sliding doors facing the patio, which gives you a feeling of the place being much larger than it actually is.

Almost all of my furnitures and decor are either selfmade, bought second hand, on sale or have some other sentimental value from a trip somewhere. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to make a home feel cohesive and cozy.

To the left is a kitchen table that I made last summer when I got sick of the previous kitchen island I had (that also was self-made). I think it took me 3hrs including the trip to IKEA to buy the table legs, a trip to the hardware store and building the table itself. To the right you can see the most comfortable sofa in the world, I bought it about 8 years ago second hand, and the girl who had it before me had it for longer than she could remember. I paid 50€ for it, and they even drove it to my home. Above the sofa is a poster that I’ve made myself, you can find a similar one here.

Even though the house is a one studio, the high ceiling and the loft gives you a sense of having separate rooms and it makes it feel much more spacious. The ceiling height on the loft is about 1,4m so it makes the most sense to use the space as a bedroom.

In a small space it’s important to choose your interior pieces wisely otherwise it’s a big risk of making it feel too cramped.
Knowing that I still went with my medium sized (160cm) bed, but I chose to cut the bottom of the bed frame off to make it rest on the floor, giving it more space on top of the bed allowing me to sit up straight in the bed but still have a proper bed frame.
To make it more personal however, I did choose to make my own headboard. I bought some boards and worked them with chains, hammers and stained them to make them look like driftwood.

I’m a huge fan of untreated wood, so when I saw raw wooden boxes at my fathers place of work just containing supplies for them to use, I asked if I could have some since they wouldn’t be saving them after using the supplies.
I always try to keep an eye out for other ways to use things then what it was originally intended for. One example is the picture I have framed in the photos above – It’s actually just an ad I saw in a magazine and I just really liked the monster in the woods, so I cut it out and framed it.

The bathroom is small but functional.

It has storage underneath the sink, built in lights in the mirror and spotlights in the ceiling. The shower doors can be closed in on itself to save space and has a dreamy rain shower head combo.

It also has floor heating to keep all cold tippy toes warm and cozy.

Getting the opportunity to own my very own little tiny house, it was important to me to really take advantage of the outdoor area.

When I bought the house and it was move-in-ready, it had nothing but grass outside around the house. Everything outdoor that ain’t grass, is built by me and my father.

I had it all mapped out in my head before even moving into the house.
I wanted a place where I could spend time with all of my friends outside no matter what we wanted to do and no matter how many we were.

The patio ended up being around 55-60sqm, making it almost twice the size of the house.
It’s divided into different areas for multiple purposes. Just beside the front door I made a BBQ/fire pit hang out with plenty of seating for everyone and with storage inside a bench, this place has sun from the morning until sundown. I also made a pergola to give som shade for the huge custom made log table giving seats for about 8-12 people with plenty of room on the table for games, food and drinks.
The pergola is also double purpose giving some privacy for the hot tub, which runs on fire wood. Next to the hot tub I made a small little shed giving more storage for all the outdoor cushions, mattresses and fire wood.
Besides all of that, I also thought it was important to have proper sun beds, a hammock, mood lighting and some plants.

If you or someone you know need help with styling a home no matter what type – house, apartment, van, boat, container, you-name-it, head on over to the contact page and shoot me a message and we’ll see if we can figure something out!

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3 thoughts on “Scandinavian styled Tiny House

  1. fantastiskt fint hus ! Om man känner någon som har en bit tomt över skulle man måhända kunna uppföra denna dröm – med något stramare ekonomi än dy har spenderat – förmodar jag – antar att detta hus inte var så billigt ?

    F.ö. tycker jag du gör helt rätt i att individualisera din tillvaro !! Frihet är viktigt i ett samhälle som inte längre är gott 1

    Själv har jag valt att bo mitt i skogen på ett litet hemman. Jag har fått ladan omvandlad så att den har två våningar och har nu också lagt till en underbar tillbyggnad som blir min atelje nr 2. Jag har också skapat 2 bibliotek av ett f.d. hönshus och en del i ladan ! Dit tänker jag bjuda in mina grannar så de kan låna böcker.

    Om man är klok så förstår man att mycket är både orättvist, korkat och underligt i dagens samhälle — då får man dra sig undan och ändå om det är möjligt försöka delta i någon sorts motståndsrörelse…. men dessa är tyvärr sällsynta. jag älskade att lifta ut i världen på 60-70-talet – då världen var ung och ofarlig, bl.a reste jag runt i Afghanistan. Det ligger en bok på min fb-sida som man kan läsa fritt och för intet !
    Välkommen att besöka mig på facebook – jag har en signatur där – efter några dåliga erfarenheter “Gloria Mundi”.

  2. Hej 🙂
    I love your tiny house. And what I love even more is how you did style it – AMAZING!
    May I ask who did build it? Do you have a layout?

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