The power of the sun

Everyone who knows me knows how much I w o r s h i p the sun.

I used to plan my vacations around how/when I could get some sun, I spent all my brakes from work outside in the sun laying out in a lawn chair, everyday I had off I spent outside on my patio tanning, or going to the lake floating around in my flamingo floatie.
I planned my whole patio – which is twice the size of my actual house – around how to best optimize it to have the most/best places to be in the sun and hang with friends.

Now, I’m living life chasing the sun.
Today is going to be half/half good/bad weather, tomorrow it’s going to be sunny and the day after that it’s raining so that’s when I’m leaving this place to go to the next one. Because a rainy day is best spent driving to a sunny place!

When I’m choosing the next place to go I look at the weather app to see where the best spot is.

If this is not living the dream I don’t know what is. Someone else who feels the same about the sun as I do?

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