The power of our minds


I just want to take a moment and address the fact that our minds and ways of thinking can change what you feel about things around you in either way.

If you have a positive outlook on things – things will be better and easier for you.
It’s like one of the many things the author Mikael Sandlin told me when I was nineteen; “if you drop a pen on the floor, and bend down to pick it up – do you think ‘argh so annoying’? If you do, the act of picking it up probably takes a lot of energy. If you change your way of thinking to ‘ops’ or something equal that doesn’t have the negative energy in your thoughts the act of picking it up will not drain your energy in the same way”.
I really doubt he remember telling me this, but it stuck with me and I thought about this every time I had a negative thought for at least a year afterwards, it helped me change my thoughts and I think this is why I’ve become the positive person I am today.

If you follow my stories you know I did not have the best weekend; I got hit by a bike, my camera broke, my little stool broke, I got over heated, my fridge broke and all my food got ruined.
When a lot of bad things happens at once I have a difficult time keeping my energy up, sometimes it just feels like faith is working against me. I’m sure we all have moments like this?

But even so, when all this happened I tried to look at the bright side, what good can come out of this? And I can see a couple of things; I’m going to Sweden soon so the fridge actually broke at a pretty convenient time, it would’ve been worse if it broke five months ago. And now I get to buy a new camera and maybe I’ll even buy a better one.

The only thing that’s overshadowing the positive things in all of this is that I will not be able to photograph the alpacas this week.

But at least I get to see them – for the first time ever!

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