The most important thing

Topic of the day: The most valuable thing you’ve got. It’s something no one can obtain more of and no one knows how much they’ve got.

Let me explain myself;
So I think you have one life, and this one life consists of X amount of time – which you don’t even know how much you have – you might be poor you might be rich, but you can’t really know now can you?
So when you choose a job/company to work at, you’re signing a contract about a trade – you give them your time (and knowledge) and they will give you money (and personal development?) in trade.

So basically you are selling your time to them. When you are selling your time to them, you are literally selling your life to them.

My point with all this is: value your time – it’s precious, it’s unique and you don’t know how much of it you’ve got, so make sure to give/trade it to/with someone/something that’s worth it!

What/who’s worth it to you?

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