The message you spread

Happy midsummer day!

I know a lot of people will think “oh well.. now it’s only getting darker” after yesterday’s summer solstice.

Even if it’s kind of a joke, I really don’t like when people say that, it’s too negative for my taste.
I’d like it if people would think twice and just appreciate what they have. What if instead of making a negative comment/joke, say something about what you appreciate or something you like. Think about the message you spread to your surroundings – do you want to spread a negative comment or something positive?

I’ll start: I really appreciate the summer in Sweden and that I’ll be able to spend a couple of days there soon, and I appreciate the people who I’ll get to see again – and the new people I’ll meet.

And I like how many positive people I have gathered here on “my” Instagram, I appreciate all the positive messages we exchange. 

Now… you go! What do you appreciate and like today?

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