How much does a Van & a Van Build Cost?

Figuring out how much Money one need to Build a Van could be quite tricky.

And the answer isn’t clear either. It all depends on what YOU Want & Need in Your Van – So it’s all up to you.

I know people who have built a van with a L O T of money, but even more who have worked with what they’ve got and managed to create a home with just a few hundred euros.

It really can cost how little or how much you want.
A good rule of thumb is that most people spend around the same amount on the Build of the Van as they do Buying the Van.

I’ve already shared The Details of My Van but in this article I’ll share all about The Cost of My Van.

The Van

Let’s start with the Van itself.

I bought the Van for about 5.300€ in 2018.
The Van had about 240.000 km on it and is a Mercedes Sprinter from 2009. The Van had just went through its yearly check up, but soon after I bought it I had to clean the particle filter because the light came on, once I did that I didn’t have any more issues with the Van.

Things I’ve replaced in the two years of having the Van are: ABS sensor & reader (Got stuck at a beach and broke them trying to get out), Battery & Alternator (The relay to the leisure battery broke so it drained the battery, and also some miscommunications in France).

Of course I’ve also done yearly maintenance like changing brakes, brake pads, filters & the oil etc.

In other words, you have to think about the Cost of your van as a continuous cost and not a one time cost. Maintenance and repairs cost money and you should have a budget set aside for that.
With that being said, some people don’t have a budget set aside for that and manage just fine anyway. Some people just figure it out as they go, me on the other hand like to think about thinks in advance or I’d get really stressed out if my Van would break down.

The Build

Paint & Brushes: 2.820sek/282€
Including all the paint inside the van and even paint for the outside since I treated some of the rust on the front of the Van.
I chose a semigloss paint for the walls and a glossier paint for the furnitures so they would be easier to wipe off.

Building materials: 16554sek/1655€ 
Plywood, beams, lipping, bolts, screws, tape, insulation, plastic, rust spray, angle iron, silicone, magnets, hooks, wallpaper, floors.
Basically everything I used to build the ceiling, walls & furnitures in the Van.

Kitchen supplies etc: 2654sek/265€
Gas stove, oven, gas, inverter & safety box.

Waterpump & Tubes: 1975sek/198€ 
Everything to make the water run and work with the faucet & sink.

Counter top: 600sek/60€
Used for the kitchen and for the table.

Basics: 3817sek/381€
Shower, toilet, water jugs, levels, USB outlets etc.

Electrics: 18950sek/1895€
Battery, solarpanels, regulator, frigde.

Fan: 3915sek/391€
The fan including sealant and sealant gun.

Window: 2000sek/200€

Alarms: 399sek/39€
Fire & Carbon monoxide alarm.

Lights & Touch dimmers: 996sek/99€

Textiles: 1164sek/116€
Fabric for the sofa/bed including thread and zippers. I made the covers myself, so no extra cost for that.

Interior: 1484sek/148€
Cushion covers, plates, laundry bag, rug, towels etc.

Mix: 5655kr/565€
Drawers, poufs, fittings, water lock, sink, mattress, curtains, curtain rods.

Which gives us a total of about 6.300€ for the Build, and a total of  11.600€ for the Van & the Build.
But I promise you, many have done it for a lot more money, and even more have done it with a lot less money. It’s all up to you; What do you NEED in Your Van to feel Safe & Comfortable? Remember; It’s the Journey that is the Goal, not to have the Perfect Home.

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