The choices we make

I’m happy with the choices I made 2018, not only because I think everything happens for a reason/something good will come out of it. But also because I really don’t think I would’ve done anything differently if I knew the outcome beforehand.
With every choice I made something really great has come out of it.
I might not have been feeling well in the end of my last job, but I’m still happy I did take the opportunity and did my best.
If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have met or became friends with at least three people, and they really enriches my life so I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are both funny, wise and supportive.

Another choice I made was to leave my tiny house in Sweden, quit my job and sell my car. All to pursue the vanlife which was an idea that came to grow on me this year.
I “discovered” vanlife in March-April of 2018, I started to think I wanted to do it myself by May. By June-July I decided I was going for it, in the end of August I drove to Gothenburg and bought Ivan the van. On October 28th I moved out of my house and started to convert Ivan into a living situation, I was finished on November 28th and that’s when I left Sweden.

For 2019 I hope I will have many more new good experiences and a lot of new firsts.

Would you ever consider doing vanlife yourself?

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