Support and lift eachother

Six months ago I started to convert my van, I think you were about a hundred people following my build process back then – mostly friends.

All my friends has been so supportive and positive about this whole process and life change, but that’s almost to be expected since I have the best friends in the world, and they know me – so they knew this would be the right move for me, and that’s what we do; we support each other and we’re happy when a friend has found something that makes them happy.
Some might have thought it was a crazy idea, but they’ve asked questions until they understood and they supported me right away. My friends are all smart enough to know that just because something might not be right for them, it very well could be for someone else.

Not everyone in my family has been positive/supportive, but when you really want to do something, you can’t let others negativity or comments stop you. My advice is to just focus on the positive things and people in your life.

The time has passed by quickly and I must say it’s so fun to see all the people who are interested in vanlife, if not for themselves then at least looking at it with an open and interested mindset.
But what’s most incredible is the support I get from strangers! It makes me feel like we’re getting somewhere in this world of ours – we raise each other up and we root for one another!

I’m thankful for all this positivity in my life and I’m grateful for all of you.

I can’t wait to see what comes next and to share it with you!

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