Sacrificing safety

Someone told me I sounded inspiring.

So I thought it might be good to share a part of the convo with more people to reach more and make more understand how I think. Maybe it will affect someone, maybe it won’t. If it someday affect just one persons way of thinking just a little bit I feel like it’s a win!

The person said “if I dared to sacrifice like you and other vanlifers”

I told the person I haven’t sacrificed anything. I’m renting out my house so it’s still there, I did quit my job but I wasn’t happy with it so it’s really no sacrifice. I did turn down a job I kind of wanted though, but I was already set on going at that point and there’s always other jobs.

He told me he didn’t really mean sacrifice but more to exchange safety for adventure.

I understand how people can think this way.
But I think safety is partly to thrive, feel good and be well, and that’s my state when I’m traveling (mostly), I think it’s good for people to understand/discover/learn that there are many different kinds of safety and to discover it in new ways/places is pretty cool.
So a person can have its safety and still have adventure, it’s probably just in a new way!

I understand that all people doesn’t have it as easy when it comes to new things, and then it might be harder to find ones safety. But I’m sure there’s an adventure out there perfect for them too, and could you imagine the impact it would have on the person who would go out there and try to reach their goals and go on their dream adventure even though it’s super tough for them?

What or who is your safety? Have you reflected over this before? Just think about what you’re doing or who you’re with when you feel good, happy and like you’re thriving.