Pakt Travel Backpack

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When Pakt reached out and asked me to do a product review for them I got really excited.
Even though I live in a Van and always have all my things with me, I still claim that a great essential for Vanlife is a good backpack.

– Because it’s great if you need to pack some things for a week or two if you suddenly need to fly “home” to your own country/base.
– Because a good backpack is essentials for longer hikes.

Pakt has three main products;
“The Pakt One” which packs like a suitcase, carries like a duffel bag and travels like a pro.
“The Pakt Coffee Kit” is everything you need to make good quality coffee in a sleek portable package.
“The Pakt Travel Backpack” which is the best damn travel bag you’ll ever carry according to their website.

I chose to try out The Pakt Travel Backpack, which is a product I needed and what this article is about.

The main reason why I got excited when Pakt got in touch is because I’m always on the lookout for companies who takes responsibility. Pakt is building their products to last, they’re designing them to be versatile so we as consumers need less things for multiple purposes, which in turn makes it easier for us to consume less.
They only use modern, durable, technical materials that are animal-friendly and have the lowest possible environmental impact. They use something called rPET for the exterior fabrics of the Pakt Travel Backpack, rPET is a material consisting of recycled single-use plastic – that’s plastic that would’ve ended up in a landfill where it would take 700 years to break down.

Furthermore all Pakts packaging are 100% plastic free, and I must say I was so impressed of the packaging itself before even seeing the actual product. The packaging make you feel like it’s a really good, high quality product inside, and there’s no unneccesary air or extra boxes inside the box, which is good to minimize the carbon footprint during transport.

Now let’s get to the product itself – The Pakt Travel Backpack!

Pakt themselves claim that “The Pakt Travel Backpack is the best damn travel bag you’ll ever carry”. The bag carries 30l, it has straps which you put around your waist for better support and comfort for longer hikes.
What I like the most about the bag is all the pockets and how everything is so easy accessible with zippers just at the right places, the main zipper makes it possible for you to fold the bag open like a big suitcase which makes it easier to grab the thing you need without making a huge mess of everything inside, you can watch a video of it here. The bag has lockable zippers and secret security compartments.

The bag has a top-loading waterproof section where you can keep things that might leak, so you don’t have to worry about other things getting wet. The rPET material that’s used for the exterior fabric of the bag is as durable as nylon but with a lower carbon footprint than nylon and organic cotton fabrics.

Pakt give you a LIFETIME GUARANTEE (!)  so if you ever have any issues with your bag – they will take care of it.

Personally I’m really impressed with the bag, I’d even go so far to say it’s the king of backpacks.

I tried to count the pockets but I lost count there’s so many. All the pockets are great for keeping things organized – which is the most important thing for me when it comes to bags.
I also really like that it has hidden compartments, a big enough side pocket for my water bottle and the waist strap which relieve some of the weight from my shoulders and back.

I could easily fit my water bottle, my computer, a blanket, some camera gear, food and extra clothes without even filling the bag up which is great for when I go hiking – I’ll even have room in the bag to collect more sticks!

If I would need to jump on a flight to go to Sweden I could easily pack things to get by for a week or two which makes the bag just the right size. Any bigger – it would be hard to keep in the van and too heavy to carry. If it were smaller – it wouldn’t be as versatile as it is right now, fitting all my needs.

If you’re interested in buying The Pakt Travel Backpack you can visit this link and use the code “Offthegridwith10” and you’ll get 10% off – code valid until 2021-03-01.

(This page contains adlinks)