Monday blues

I feel like I’ve hit a wall of obstacles/problems right now.

Apparently I got a package in Sweden from someone, and I need to go retrieve it from the post because they need my ID. I have no idea what it is and I will not be able to go there to get it. I really hope it’s nothing important.

My computer has really slowed down lately, which makes me think it will not be good enough to do my studies on – so I need a new one.

When I got hit by a bike my camera broke, I did buy a new one but it’s a really used one and I’m worried it won’t last for long, I’d really like to get another one to have as a back up for the races.

I’m also worried about the cost of fixing my van tomorrow.

Most importantly, the online studies I will do starts today and the first course ends in the beginning of September when I’ll be somewhere between southern Switzerland and s/e France. The second course ends in the beginning of October when I’m in n/e Spain and southern France. My problem is that I need to take a test by then, and I am allowed to take it in other countries if I do it at an embassy or at any kind of school, but I haven’t find one yet who could help me.

Some of my issues aren’t even big, it’s just a feeling of an obstacle/problem wall when there’s too many at the same time.

I think my main issue is being able to take the tests. So now I’m reaching out for once in my life and asking for help – if you, or if you know anyone, or knows someone who knows someone, who works at a school in Switzerland, southern France or north east Spain – please send me a dm. All I need is one hour of one persons time who works at a school.

If you have a big social network and would be able to share my post or tag some persons who might know something – I’d really appreciate that too.


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