March 2020

Thoughts of the month

As everyone should know now, I LOVE interior design and creating new solutions.
That’s why I decided I want to build a new van. I really like my current van, but I also really like a change in life.
I still haven’t decided if I should keep my current van and rent it to other soon to be Vanlifers who wants to try it, or if I should just go ahead and sell it straight away.

Happenings of the month

Corona – Covid 19 – is the big thing that is happening all over the world and are on the tip of everyone’s tongue and filling everyones brains with questions, questions, questions and worry.

When everything got “out of hand” I was already in Greece, so I thought the best thing would be to self isolate and stay put – so we did. After two weeks of self isolation however we received news from another Vanlifer in Greece that they weren’t allowed to stay in their Van during the lockdown that took place. This put us in a very unstable situation since our Vans are our home, the hotels were all closed as everything else (except grocery stores, pharmacies etc). We respect the rules so we started to look for information of a way to drive to our home country and make a plan that would work.

Tip of the month

First of all I wanna encourage EVERYONE to visit Greece as soon as it’s OK to travel again. I’ve never felt more welcomed anywhere in my entire life. The Greek are so friendly and so nice they can turn a bad morning into a great day by you just meeting one of them. In other news, a friend of mine came to visit and I had one of the best weekends in a long while. Our days were filled with wine, games, sun, tasty food and lots of laughter. I couldn’t have wished for a better visitor. I’m a HUGE fan of board games and some of my favorites are; Ticket to Ride, Exploding Kittens and Uno.

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