It’s all about a trade

The post before this one was about how we value and trade with the time[life] we have.

So it got me thinking even more.

Let’s expand our thoughts here together:
I think no matter how much someone might prefer to be alone sometimes, we all need human contact and I think we’d prefer it to be a positive one. One that gives you energy, love, feedback, support, respect, happiness, laughter – whatever it might be.

But to get something you have to give something – it’s all about a trade.
So let’s look in the mirror. Are you the best you for you? Are you the best you towards the people around you?

I was not. I definitely still aren’t. But I’m working on it! I made a change in my life, which might have been a pretty radical one, but it was the one that I needed and the one that was right for me.
It got me out of a negative situation where when I looked in the mirror I couldn’t quite recognize myself sometimes.

I also believe that if you are the best you for yourself, you’ll probably be the best you for the people around you too. It goes hand in hand.

To clarify; I don’t think the important part is to be the best, it’s not a competition, it’s more about just trying to be the best you – without comparing to others.
What’s also important is to think about it, and if you ever realize you’re not as “great” as you once was – do something about it. Make changes and try your best. That’s all anyone can ever ask for, right? And never try to be like someone else, you should always be yourself because just like your life is precious and unique – so are you.

Actually, now when I think about it, maybe “best” is not the best word for it. I think what I’m trying to say is that when you look in the mirror you should be like “heeeey. I wanna be friends/partner/colleagues/neighbor with you!” and if that’s not the feeling you get, do something about it.

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