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What battery should I have in my Campervan? How many & how big solar panels does one need? How big converter is needed? What fridge should I choose?

When it comes to the electrics in a Van Build it can easily feel like a big jungle with thousands of different choices and words you’ve never even heard of or even cared to know about.

Here’s what I chose for my second Van Build..





On this van I chose two different size of solar panels; Sunwind Entry 90W and Sunwind Entry 160W. When you use different size panels it’s important to install them parallel and not in a serie.

I used these Multiflex Mounting Corners  to attach the solar panels to the roof of the van.

To store the power coming in through the solar panels I went with a 260Ah AGM Sunwind battery, the same kind and size as I had in my first van. It’s a good price and big enough for my needs.

Since I have solar panels on my Van I also need a solar panel regulator, for this I chose the Sunwind PeakPower 2.0 20A MPPT 12/24V.

In van #1 I had a 1500W inverter, but for this one I chose a 600W 12V Pure Sinus Inverter. I didn’t go down for any particular reason other than that I have never needed 1500W, I manage just fine with 600W.





I’ve previously had two different fridges in my vans; a 50l and a 110l. For this van I went with a Sunwind Cuisine 12/24V 80l fridge. I’ve always had 12V compressor fridges that connects directly on the leisure battery.

In my previous van I had the MaxxFan air Deluxe which I was very happy with, but for this van I went with a Fiamma Turbo Vent Premium with a clear lid – which gives so much light inside the van.

I previously had a Flojet waterpump. But for this Van I chose a Jabsco Par-Max 1.9 Water System Pump Model 21395-0092, which is “weaker” ie doesn’t pump as much water as my previous one did – which makes it easier to save water while doing the dishes.

For USB outlets i went with these 12V ones from amazon. 


I chose these dimmable 12V LED Downlight from Malmbergs and this touch LED Dimmer remote from amazon.

Listen to my Podcast (Swedish) where I talk about everything you need to know about electronic products and electricity in general while building a Van, with no less than TWO GUESTS – Sunwind who sells just about everything you need for an Off Grid Van and an Electrician.