I went on a hike with a bunch of friends here in Marbella.

The view was amazing and the company was great! What you don’t know is I cried on the way up. Not because of its spectacular views or because it was so breath taking, but because I got so scared of the heights at one point I wanted to go back.

I’ve always been scared of heights, but I’m ok when I feel like I’m attached to something – like in a roller coaster, I LOVE those things.
I thought I was going to be ok going on this hike, I mean I’ve been on hikes before. But apparently there’s a big difference between hikes and hikes. The ones I’ve been on before has had a clear path of where to go and appeared safe, I’d pretty much call it taking a stroll in the woods.
But at this particular mountain it came to a point where I couldn’t even see where I was supposed to put my next step, it was SO steep.

The others didn’t seem to have a problem with it, they’re all cool like that. And they’re also very amazing and patient helping a big coward like me get to the top!

Btw. I crawled a bit on the way back. Not even ashamed.

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