Happy anniversary

Happy anniversary to Ivan and I!

Six months ago I left Swedens border and began to drive south for new adventures.

I’ve met so many great new people, I’ve made new friends, I’ve been to eleven different countries, I’ve even been to two islands and I’ve driven over 16.000km. I’ve taken countless of ice cold showers outside, the van has broken down, I’ve been pick pocketed, I’ve been stuck in the beach with the van, I’ve been in storms so rough I thought the solar panels would fly off, I’ve driven in a country with left-hand traffic, I’ve been stopped by the police, I’ve driven through cities with riots going on, I’ve been under the sea with my van/home.
I’ve had the time of my freaking life!

Words can’t describe how happy I am with my decision and determination to make it happen. Traveling and new adventures is what makes us evolve and become better versions of ourselves.

I wish safe but fun travels to everyone! 

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