February 2020

Thoughts of the month

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about being a Solo Female Vanlifer.
People tend to think I’m alone all the time and/or that me being alone equals me being sad/miserable.

To be completely honest; I think living in a van solo is less lonely than living the norm solo. I actually don’t feel lonely at all. I’m alone in my van but I’m not lonely. I meet new people/friends more often living life as I do now than how I did in Sweden.
I’ve met people who I now call friends in random parking lots, when people have come to see other people I’ve hung out with, I’ve become friends with people who have just walked by and asked for directions and I’ve met tonnes of other Vanlifers through Instagram.

It all depends on how open you are to meeting new people.

Happenings of the month

I decided to drive from Spain to Greece to meet up with some other Vanlifers there.
Another Swedish Vanlife couple came with me, and we picked up another Swedish Solo Vanlifer in Italy who we never met before.

A friend and I also decided to start a Vanlife Podcast called Vanlife & Stories.

Tip of the month

I partnered up with Urbanista who have really awesome portable speakers that actually look great, which is perfect for Vanlife. I tried the New York noise cancellation headphones and the Brisbane speaker and I couldn’t be happier with the sound! With the code “OFFTEHGRIDWITH” you get 15% off your order! You can check out their products HERE!

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