Expectations vs Reality

Before moving into a van I of course had expectations and ideas about what vanlife would be like.

I thought I was going to go on hikes every week and surf all the time for example. I guess because these are things you see others do – and these are things I like too and want more of in my life.

But then life happens.
I went on a hike in Marbella and discovered that my current asthma medicines aren’t working as well as they used to. My journey up La Concha was rough, I could hardly breathe and it was mentally exhausting hearing myself trying to breathe so bad, I felt like I had a plastic bag over my head.
Although, I’m sure if I started to exercise more I’d improve my health and m a y b e I wouldn’t need better medicine. But it is difficult to improve yourself when you can’t breathe – it’s like a bad circle.

I also thought I’d be surfing all days.
But then my van got stuck in the sand and some things broke when I got help out of the sand and I needed to repair them, these repairs ate away all of my surfboard budget.

So. Life happens as it always will be and things will probably not turn out as you thought. I think it’s important to find joy and happiness anyways, there are so many good things in life. And someday you will look back and realize you’re happy it all happened as it did because otherwise you wouldn’t be where you are today/that day. #butterflyeffect

When the time is right, I’m sure I’ll have my surfboard so I can surf as much as I want to. I’m also sure that if I just took the time to find some smaller mountains than La Concha to climb I’d be fine.

If you would live vanlife in the future, what kind of expectations would you have?

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