I got ready for my big life change..

It was snow and -12 C. I left on Wednesday 2018-11-28, one month after starting the renovation of Ivan. It was a tough month working 12-14hrs a day, but it was so rewarding and worth it, especially in the end.

Before this I was working at a normal job that I wasn’t quite happy with, I started to think about what the winter would be like – working with that job and living in the dark for six months.. Depressing huh? 
I had a good opportunity to quit so I did and decided to try out vanlife.

It’s never that easy though, I was offered my dream job at another company so I had a tough decision to make, but vanlife and traveling still won after many talks debating what was right for me with some of my closest friends. We figured there are always jobs to get, but right now the stars aligned perfectly for this.

I do not have a set plan on how or where to go, but that’s how I want it – for now.

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