What do I have?

When it comes to the electrics many people feel it’s too much and a big unknown jungle – and I can relate SO much.

I’ve asked people who are electricians and other people who just are into that kind of stuff for some (for me unkown) reason, and from there on I’ve made my decisions and I can now after over two years in my Van share with you what I have and what I think about it.

Doing the electrical in a Van isn’t all that difficult, but if you feel unsure it’s better to just ask for help and/or pay someone to do it for you. When the electrics work, it just makes life in a van so much easier!

Solar Panels, Battery, Inverter & Lighting

I have 2x135W Solar Panels, 260Ah AGM Battery and a PeakPower 2.0 20A Regulator. I bought everything but one solar panel as a package including all the wires and such, and added the extra solar panel separately. It has worked flawlessly, I always have power and don’t have to think about it at all really – as it should be.
The leisure battery also charges when I’m driving which is good if the weather would be less sunny, to be able to charge it while driving you need a relay.

I have two 12V USB outlets, which I use to charge my phone, iPad, shower, headphone and speaker. I also have a regular outlet for 230v where I can charge my computer and curling iron if I ever get the idea to use it. For the regular outlet to work you’ll need a Pure Sinus Inverter 1500W 12V  – depending on how much power your electrical things need – but that’s what I have.

For lights I went with five Malmbergs LED downlight MD-99 white 5W and for them I have two dimmable lightswitchs.

Another thing I really recommend is having a battery charger just in case anything happens.

Solar Panels, Battery, Inverter & Lighting

When I first built the van I had this 12v 50 liters  compressor refrigerator from Sunwind which was connected directly to the leisure battery. The fridge was amazing and was VERY energy efficient, but I have now changed it to a larger one with a little freezer compartment from Dometic – solely to have the freezer compartment.

My water pump is the 12V pressure controlled water pump called Flojet R3426148, which works just fine but I can’t seem to find it online anymore. Here’s a link to another pressure controlled water pump from Flojet!

When it comes to heating I didn’t have anything but tea candles for two years, but after two years I got this gas heater from Sunwind which works great!
I bought the MaxxFan Deluxe with the tinted glass for my fan which works very well. You can set the air on both in & out and you can adjust the speed as well, but if I would choose again I might go with the clear glass.

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