Do I get lonely?

Last Friday was mine and Ivan’s anniversary, we had been on the road for one month! So little time has past, yet I’ve seen so many incredible places, met so many wonderful people and I’ve had so much fun! I’m grateful.

My friends back home told me that it’s easy for me because I’m outgoing and always meet new people, before I left.
The thing is, when I traveled before I did use to travel alone and I always did meet new people and became great friends with them.
But it’s easy to meet new people when you travel alone and stay at hostels, because then you’ll meet likeminded people.
When I’m in a van on the other hand, there’s no other people in my room to converse with or a common room to just sit and hang with new people.
You have to find new ways to engage with people, so I’m on new ground as well.

I’m lucky to have met some really cool vanlifers on the road. The conversations fly both high and low and I feel like I can really be myself and not only be accepted but also appreciated! They are both some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and we’ve shared some really funny moments together.

Do you prefer to travel solo, as a couple or with friends?

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