Not living in a Van, it can be difficult to understand how one can Cook Food in a Home on Wheels.
Living in a Van, it can be difficult to understand what someone would think is difficult with Cooking in a Van..

I’ve gathered all your questions about Cooking in a Van and I’ve done my best to answer them, I hope it will make someone out there a little bit wiser.

Is your space big enough to Cook?
– Yes. I don’t like Cooking, so it doesn’t make sense for me to let my kitchen take up more space in my 5sqm home. The kitchen is small, but you get used to it quite fast and learn to be more organized while Cooking to take up less space. I know plenty of people who LOVES to Cook and prioritize more space in their Home on Wheels dedicated for Cooking – and they’re happy with that, so you need to think about YOU. How often do You Cook? Do you Like to Cook? Do you Need the Space for something else or Not?

How often do you go Grocery Shopping?
– I usually go shop for food when I’m moving my Van to a new place, I always see to it so that I have enough water & food to stay at the next place for a couple of days. So I’d say I go grocery shopping about once a week at least. Probably more often because there’s always something missing or something you need(want).

Is it difficult to have fresh food since you have a small fridge?
– I’d say it’s the opposite. Since I have a smaller fridge I can’t fit too much food in it, so it keeps me from buying too much food that I don’t have time to eat before it goes bad. I know that if I have a difficult time fitting my food in the fridge, I need to eat at home every single meal and day so I don’t have to waste food.

Do you Cook everyday?
– I wish! I want to say Yes, but since I think Cooking is a tedious task I really don’t. It doesn’t mean I go out to eat though, it just means I Cook food that lasts for a few days when I do Cook so I don’t have to do it as often.

What dish do you eat most often?
– Tacos! But also, I call everything you put in a Tortilla bread a Taco.
My Favorite Tacos are; Shrimp Tacos, Fish stick Tacos, Kidneybean Tacos, Chickpea Tacos, Chicken Tacos, Pulled pork Tacos & Falafel Tacos..

What’s your favorite food except from Tacos?
– Probably a good Pancake or Waffle Brunch with Fresh Strawberries, Mangoes & Chocolate.

What are the most advanced thing you’ve Cooked in the Van?
– Well, since Tacos doesn’t really count as advanced and that’s what I eat most often.. I’d probably say one of my Asian or Indian Casseroles.

What food isn’t possible to Cook? Do you avoid anything? 
– I can’t say I avoid anything or that anything is impossible. But if I were a person who liked to Cook more advanced food I guess I’d avoid Cooking food that need a lot of pots and pans because of the water use while cleaning up.

Can you use 220 kitchen supplies?
– Yes. I have a 1500W inverter so I can use anything that doesn’t need more power than that – as long as I have power in my battery. Although I haven’t brought any kitchen supplies that runs on 220. I might bring my little mixer when I clean out my tiny house once I sell it. Although, I just found a similar mixer that you can charge via your USB.

How big of a fridge is necessary for one person?
– I have a 50l fridge and I think the size is good, the things fits barely when I shop a lot, but if I would shop more the food would just go to waste. The only reason I’d choose a bigger one is to have a little freezer inside it too, but I don’t really see it as a big problem not having a freezer.

How does the fridge work? Does the fridge use a lot of power?
– I have a 12V 50 liter compressor driven refrigerator and it’s connected directly to the battery. It runs on about 1,3A depending on the surrounding temperature.

Should one have a fixed stove or a portable one? Electric stove or Gas?
– I have a portable gas stove similar to this one, and that’s what I still prefer. When it’s portable you can easily move it to use the counter space for something else. I use to have one like this one before, but I found it really difficult to clean so I got rid of it after two years in the van.
I haven’t done a lot of research on electric ones but I’m trying to save on things that use electricity so that I can be off grid without having to move for power for as long as possible.

Do you have an oven?
– I do have an oven! It’s a Omnia oven and it’s super great. I’ve cooked blueberry crumble pie, scones, chocolate sticky cake, nachos, pizza & lots of other yummy stuff in it. There’s plenty of accessories for the oven, like the Silicon Mold which makes it easier to clean the oven after use, the Baking Grid which I always use for bread and Pizza and the Muffin Ring which is perfect for making portion sized desserts.

Is the Omnia oven good or would you rather have a regular one?
– I think it’s bloody brilliant! For a Van, I think it’s even better than a regular one. The Omnia oven is big enough to get food for several people, but small enough to not take up a lot of space + you use it on top of your gas stove so no need for extra elecitricty.

In this Podcast episode I’m sharing all the tips & tricks about Cooking in a Van with my guest Andrea (@andrearydells)

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