My work week in Pontevedra is finally done!

Now I do love this work, it gives me freedom, I get to work outside, I have great colleagues and it’s an incredible atmosphere at these races.

What’s been “tough” is that I’ve been parked in the middle of the city all week. Although I’ve loved how close I’ve been to the work I’ve been doing and I’ve had access to fresh water all week, I find it stressful with all the noises from cars, people and construction work going on.

I grew up half an hour from Västerås in Sweden, on the country side. I moved to Västerås when I was 14 but I have always found a great calmness in nature.
Even my tiny house in Stockholm is located in the nature, there’s a pretty decent forrest and a beautiful lake just a short walk away.

When I’m in the nature for a week straight I do find this calmness I’m talking about and I feel great, but my brain seem to slow down as well and I easily get lazy. I think I need a good balance of both – city life and nature – to feel like my best self.

What do you prefer: city life or the nature?

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