APRIL 2020

Thoughts of the month

The situation we’re all in is pretty tough, it’s easy to feel helpless and to get stuck in a negative mindset.

I understand that.
However, I’m here to say that the power of words can be pretty powerful. What and How you choose to express yourself can have a big impact on yourself and others around you.

When I was young I worked on my mindset regarding small things; for example if I dropped a pen, I worked on thinking something silly and neutral like “ops” instead of something negatively charged like “damn” or “how annoying” etc.
This had helped me a ton with keeping a positive mindset throughout the day, and I’m doing my best to implement it in my life now too.

Many of us are in some pretty stressful situations right now and it’s easy to fall into devilish little traps of expressing and acting stressful/negatively. When I do, I make sure to talk to my friends and express how I’m feeling and why, we talk it through until all of our mindsets is focused on all the positives.

No matter how negative a situation is, there’s always some positives to focus on – and if you choose to do so, life will get a heck of a lot easier.

Happenings of the month

We finished our plan to drive from Greece to Sweden and made the trip in 5 days by traveling through 7 countries, making 7 border crossings, went through six police controls, were refused by the border police, got help from our embassy, applied for permits, went through health checks and got escorted by the police.

The journey took its toll on all of us, it was a stressful situation like no other I’ve ever experienced before.
You’re stressed, frustrated and scared. One minute you’re almost crying because people don’t listen and you won’t make it, the next you’re crying of relief.

This is my feelings and experience when being a privileged little Swede.
I can’t even imagine what some other people go through.

Looking forward, I will of course continue to live my life as I usually do – I am a full time Vanlifer no matter what country I’m in. I was planning on going to Sweden this summer for a bit just as last summer, the only difference now is that now I probably have to stay here for a bit longer than I intended.
I have lots of things to do while in Sweden and I’m looking forward to them, so I don’t see it as a negative thing being here. It’s summer and it’s the best time to be in this country.

Sweden has chosen to act a little different than most countries, everything here is still open and never really closed down.
However, I will of course practice Social Distancing and I’m encouraging everyone to do your part & do your best – whatever that might be.

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